Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs

For many people struggling with their weight, the incredibly supportive blog community can help you connected, focused, and uplifted. Here are several blogs from that community that include stories from men and women trying to lose weight and people who have already met their goals and are now working to maintain their weight. These blogs from medical professionals and individuals will help you find motivation when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and feeling good about yourself.

Girls Losing It

With the majority of the weight loss blogs coming from women, there are many great stories and posts from the female perspective. Many of them are listed below.

  1. The Token Fat Girl. Read about this woman’s weight loss journey as she discusses food, exercise, and more.
  2. Fat Bridesmaid. Follow this woman’s blog as she discusses all sorts of topics including what movie star would play her to taking an appetite suppressant with her doctor’s guidance.
  3. Fatty Weight Loss. Find out how this blogger is losing weight through healthy eating and mowing lawns.
  4. 101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat. This blogger chronicles her weight loss statistics and offers up lots of reasons to lose weight.
  5. DietDiva. Follow this woman’s diet journey as she tries to lose weight more naturally while trying to eat less prepackaged food.
  6. Do you have an Extra Large in this?. Follow the Marshmallow as she chronicles her weight loss adventures of eating, exercise, and online support.
  7. Fat Girl Camp. This blog offers the ups and downs of life with fun side trips to pups, politics, and more.
  8. The Shrinking Knitter. With topics hitting on weight loss, knitting, and politics, you’ll stay entertained and informed with this blog.
  9. Fat as Hell…and not going to take it anymore!. Starting at 319 pounds, this woman is losing weight and chronicling her ups and downs.
  10. Fat Girl Dives In. This woman and her husband are losing weight. Her goal is to lose 100 pounds before she turns 40.
  11. Losing It. This young woman tells how she is changing her eating and living to become healthier and lose weight.
  12. Second Verse, Same as the First. Going for her second weight loss, this woman is trying to lose the weight she gained after her last weight loss. This blog is a part of theBiggest Loser Blog Edition.
  13. Bikini Envy. This blogger has great rewards for weight loss. Follow along as she meets her goals.
  14. A day in elife. Follow along as this blogger discusses food, clothes, and body image.
  15. Thinking Thin. Read about weekly weigh-ins, challenges, goals, and more in this blog.
  16. Hide Those Cookies!. Going down from 278 pounds, this blogger is making great progress–and staying away from the cookies.
  17. Big in Japan. This woman was teaching English in Japan and taking her inspiration for healthier eating from the Japanese. She has just returned to America, so stay tuned for a new phase in her life.
  18. Soggy Wet Lettuce Leaf. Not only does this blogger share her weight loss accomplishments, she also shares a few healthy recipes as well.
  19. Big Blonde Bombshell. This woman tells it like it is with edging, entertaining writing on everything from her struggles to lose weight to observations on the world around her.
  20. The Commotion in My Head. Follow along as this woman posts about exercise, weight lose, eating, and finding her way to living a healthy life.
  21. I want it so bad I can taste it. Just coming off Weight Watchers, this woman is going it alone while learning about portion control and healthy living.
  22. Journeying to Lose 200 Pounds…The Triumph of Perseverance. Come along as this inspirational blogger loses 200 pounds.
  23. Notes from the Belly. Get tips such as flying comfortably in an airplane or just follow along as this blogger learns a healthier relationship with food.
  24. Phat Girl in a Little Coat. Standing at 6 foot tall, this woman is losing weight through exercise and better eating.
  25. Lasserday. A scientist who is working on her dual plan of losing weight and getting out of debt writes about her ups and downs here.
  26. questions for dessert. This woman writes about finding her way to a healthier life and losing weight in the process.
  27. A Merry Life. From better nutrition to running, this happy woman writes about her goal to lose weight from her heaviest of 255.
  28. The Tippy Toe Diet. Discovering the diet cycle wasn’t cutting it, this woman is taking her weight loss tiny steps at a time to bring about big changes.
  29. The Grumpy Chair Dieter. With an original goal of losing one pound per week, this woman brings her highs and lows of her weight loss journey.
Guys Losing It

While the bulk of the weight loss blogs are by women, men are also sharing their experiences. Here are several with a male point of view.

  1. Fat Man Unleashed. This blogger is working his way down and blogging about his successes and setbacks along the way.
  2. Andrew is Getting Fit. With over 100 pounds lost and an upcoming half marathon, this blog offers great inspiration.
  3. Fat Guy in a Little Coat. Running and losing weight are the focus of this blog, with a little family thrown in as well.
  4. John is Fit. Starting at 295 pounds, this man is focusing not only on diet and exercise, but living more healthily in all aspects of his life.
  5. Get Fit Slowly. These two men are working patiently and slowly at making huge changes to affect their weight and life.
  6. Steve v4.7. With already having lost 148 pounds the first year, Steve is on his way to losing the next 40 pounds through better fitness.
  7. Confessions of the Guy at Weight Watchers. With over 100 pounds lost, this runner shares his weight loss success.
  8. Craig’s Fat Loss. Follow along as this blogger reaches each of his goals for both weight and pant size along the way to a healthier size.
Already Lost It

These blogs all offer the triumphs of those who have met their weight loss goals and are now working to maintain their weight.

  1. Lynn’s Weigh–The Journey Continues. This woman lost an amazing 168 pounds and has kept it off for over a year. Find out her tips on this blog.
  2. From blue jean insurance to the mental game of getting back into shape, this blogger writes about all sorts of weight loss topics.
  3. Finding Radiance. This woman lost 115 pounds. Find out how she did it and how she is keeping it off.
  4. PastaQueen. This blogger offers hope and support to those struggling with weight loss after losing almost 200 lbs.
  5. Ranaesheart Weight Loss Blog. This woman lost 143 lbs. in a healthful way and shares how you can lose weight and maintain your health.
  6. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl. Get recipes, fitness, inspiration and more from this blogger who lost over 175 lbs.
  7. Diet Coke and Zingers. Over 50 pounds lighter, this woman blogs about weight loss and feeling good about herself.
  8. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl!. After losing 175.5 pounds (half her weight), this woman is keeping it off.
  9. Morgan Gets Thin!. After losing over 100 pounds, this woman keeps it off while embracing her healthier lifestyle.
  10. Tales from the Phat Farm. 140 pounds lighter and in much better shape, this man runs and bikes to maintain his health.
  11. The Office Diet. After having lost her weight, this blogger decided to share her ideas on how to make time for healthy eating and fitness when you work all day at an office.
  12. Gettin’ Shrunk. After an incredible weight loss of 144 pounds, this mama turns her attention to maintaining her weight and keeping her family healthier too.
Moms Losing It

Juggling family makes it difficult for moms to find time for themselves. Read these blogs to find inspiration and motivation.

  1. The Blubber Blog. This mother of two is losing weight from a "morbid obesity" starting point and learning about healthier eating.
  2. Roni’s Weigh. From tummy tucks to eating healthily this mom tells about losing and maintaining her weight.
  3. Bye Bye Baby…Weight. This mama is not only losing weight but also starting a new life after divorce.
  4. Escape from Obesity. This mother of five is going down from 278 pounds as she learns to eat better and exercise.
  5. Watch out world. Read along as this mom changes her life through better living.
  6. Minus the Whipped Cream and Cherry. This mom who also owns an ice cream store, writes about losing weight, family, and more.
  7. Not a "Diet" but a "Lifestyle". With twins and a mission to get healthy, this woman is working on losing weight to get back where she was before having her children.
  8. Chubby Chicks Run Too…. This mom of three is running and doing Weight Watchers to lose weight and get in shape.
  9. Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Slow Poke. Mama to two and trying to lose the last 20 pounds of her goal, this blogger runs to get fit.
  10. The Sassy Pear. Nutrition, exercise, and weight loss all share the focus on this blog by a mom and wife.
  11. Choosing to Live. From exercise to better eating, this mom shares her weight loss struggles and successes.
  12. True Story. Down 138 pounds from her original weight of 341, this mom and teacher shares her experiences.
Collaborative Blogs

Getting the perspective from more than one person can be helpful. These blogs are special in that several writers work together to share their stories.

  1. Diet Blog. Find out what motivates these bloggers or just get a bit of odd weight loss and health news here.
  2. Angry Fat Girlz. This collaborative blog written by six women explores the world of weight loss and living life with a few extra pounds.
  3. Too Fat For Fashion. Who says you have to be a size 2 to wear great clothes? This blog brings the best of fashion in plus sizes.
Nutrition Blogs

Good nutrition is essential to losing weight healthily. Read these blogs from professionals and healthy-minded individuals for your eating inspiration.

  1. Feed the Soul Nutrition Blog. Learn about using fresh vegetables, how to eat more healthily on a budget, and more on this blog.
  2. Healthy Nutrition Hints and More…. Focusing on organics, this food and nutrition blog highlights food in the news.
  3. Gastro Girl: All Things Digestive. Read about food in the news and this blogger’s comments on it here.
  4. Foodtherapy™. Learn how food, and specifically the kind of food you eat, affects your health and life in this blog.
  5. Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen. Share this blogger’s experience with various types of health diets including gluten and dairy-free and get suggestions, news, and more on how eating wholesome food can help you lose weight as well as allow you to enjoy food and yourself.
  6. Bueller’s Kitchen. Learn about raw/living food as this blogger shares her experience of overcoming health issues by following this way of eating.
  7. Foodielicious. Fresh produce and the benefits of cooking and eating them are the focus of this blog that will leave your mouth watering.
  8. Grow. Food. Love. Find out how gardening and preparing your home-grown food can boost your nutrition on this blog.
  9. A Life Less Sweet. Learn how to eliminate high fructose corn syrup to improve your nutrition and get news and food recommendations.
  10. Almost Vegetarian. Read how this woman eats healthy while staying mostly vegetarian.
Exercise and Fitness Blogs

Exercise and fitness are other essential components to losing and keeping off weight. Find your motivation with these blogs.

  1. Running from the pudge. This blogger has discovered running and writes about her progress here.
  2. FitSugar. Find reasons to exercise, good nutrition tips, and read about fit celebrities in this popular blog.
  3. Really Useful Fitness Blog. Find out tips for burning fat, working out for maximum effect, and more with this blog.
  4. See Corey Run: A Fitness & Nutrition Journal. From posts offering nutrition such as a healthy chips and salsa recipe to workout posts, this blog will help you find the inspiration to get fit.
  5. Starling Fitness. Read about nutrition, biking to work, weight loss, staying motivated, and much more.
  6. Bill’s Training Blog. This blog brings insight to Bill’s attempts at fitness through various activities including walking, push-ups, and running while trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle of vegetarian eating and no alcohol.
  7. Excuse #1 I’m Not Fit to Run. 78 pounds lighter and in better shape, this woman runs and blogs about her progress.
  8. Bike About. The posts here offer much more than just biking with thoughts on healthy eating, hiking, and more.
  9. Trying Fitness. This blog offers tons of suggestions for ways to get yourself moving and improving your overall fitness.
  10. Cranky Fitness. Read about fitness, nutrition, and exercise with a humorous twist and lots of kitty pictures on this blog.
  11. The Great Fitness Experiment. This blog offers insightful explorations of such fitness topics as living up to your potential and body confidence.
  12. lose the buddha. This woman writes about her weight loss experiences while combining healthy eating and exercise with living a better life.
  13. A Dumbbell in a Home Gym. This woman incorporates exercise into her life with a goal to weight loss and better physical health.
  14. Every Gym’s Nightmare. Learn from this woman who is a fitness trainer and ex-bulimic as she helps you find healthy ways to care for your body through exercise.
  15. Catapult Fitness. Focusing on fitness and nutrition, this blog strives to help you lead a healthier life.
  16. Look, a fitness blog!. While this woman blogs about maintaining her weight goal with healthy eating and exercise.
  17. Yoga Journey/Yoga for Health and Joy in Life. Learn about the great health benefits of yoga and how to live a better life through your yoga practice.
Weight Loss Programs

Share the experiences of these bloggers who have tried specific weight loss programs.

  1. Alycat’s Claws My WW Journey. This woman posts about her experiences with WeightWatchers and weight loss in general.
  2. car on the hill. Using the 12-Step Program, this woman is losing weight.
  3. how the beck…. Starting at 210 pounds, this woman chronicles her journey while following the Beck Diet Solution upon the recommendation of her doctor.
  4. Life Happens. Using gastric bypass surgery as a starting place, this woman lost 200 pounds–down from almost 400 pounds.
  5. I can see it in your face. On WeightWatchers, this young woman shares her weight loss stories as she loses 100 pounds.
It Comes from Within

These blogs offer wonderful inspiration and help keep the focus that being overweight doesn’t have to define who you are.

  1. Big Fat Deal. Read about pop culture and weight, body image, self-confidence and more on this blog.
  2. A Fat Girl Speaks Out (on everything). Blogging about eating disorders, being overweight, culture’s perception of overweight people, and more, this girl does speak out.
  3. Devoted to teaching others about eating disorders, this blog also discusses body size acceptance and Health at Every Size.
  4. Scale Junkie. Learning that good health is more than just watching the scale, this blogger writes about finding health and losing weight through better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

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