What? Thin People Eat


THEIR SECRETS figured out! 

After being very discouraged about my weight, and having tried every diet in the book, I happened to run across some information.  An overweight woman asked thin people to describe what they ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and what they drank.  She asked if they exercised.  Amazingly, 70 thin people took turns describing in detail exactly what they did.  They shared what they drink and if they use artificial sweeteners.  I'll be honest.  I had my eyes opened.  A lot of them do exactly opposite of what the gurus tell us! Read below to see what I found out!   The diet industry is a joke.  They have caused us to lose our way.  Remember, I am not charging you to tell you what I have discovered.  I would like to help others, if I can.


For example, many of the 70 did not eat breakfast!  I have been forcing myself to eat breakfast everyday because we were all told to do that.  Many of the group just drank a cup of coffee (with half and half...no less) in the morning.  Many did eat breakfast if they wanted it and I have listed some of their choices below.

  From what I can see, they are pretty standard choices.  The thing I see is that if they were not hungry, they didn't eat.  And when they do eat, they never ever ever gorge themselves.  Isn't that how it should be.  We have all been eating what the diet industry has told us to eat, even when we didn't want it.  And because of this, we have lost the natural fullness instinct.  Artificial controls such as "diets" kick in and ruin our natural ablility to manage our weight.  

And, you would assume that all thin people use artificial sweeteners, but again, this is WRONG.  Again, the diet industry to the recue. :D

 For the most part, most of the 70  could not stand artificial sweeteners.  They preferred just a little real sugar.  Some did use a little splenda in their oats or in their morning coffee.  

We all assume that thin people don't have to exercise.  Boy is that wrong.   All of the 70 either walked to work, walked to class or walked to the store.  They all had some kind of physical activity in their lives such as running, roller blading, sports, etc...  Every one of them!  So, I am trying to add that to my life now.

TOTALLY SHOCKED!  It is more about how they handle food, than so much what they eat. 

I was totally shocked that they all had a similar way of thinking about food and similar habits of eating.  And no guilt whatsoever about leaving food on their plates...  For example, unlike I used to be, when they get full, they quit eating.  

At a restaurant, they will even ruin their leftover food by stuffing a napkin down into it just to avoid being tempted.  Or they will share a meal with their spose, or they'll get a to go box right off the bat and put half the food in it to take home.  Or they will just flat throw it away rather than stuff it down to keep from wasting.  They feel it is wasting the food to let it become fat on their bodies. 
If they have a "large" meal, they may even skip the next meal or have a salad instead or maybe just a bowl of popcorn that night or a bowl of cereal. They tend to eat high quality food that is as fresh as they can get it.  They tend to avoid pre-packaged foods.  Some shop the outside aisle of the grocery store.  But, it is surprising the variety of foods they eat. Even some eat junk food, if the level of physical activity they do supports that ability. 

Some of the things I learned from these 70 people, go against conventional wisdom.  For example, as I said, many of them don't eat breakfast at all.  Of those that did, they often just had a bowl of old fashioned oats or instant, or some of them just ate a bowl of plain cheerios.  Some of them preferred an egg McMuffin type sandwich for breakfast.  Some like to have yogurt and fruit for their breakfast.  They mainly only ate a bigger breakfast on weekends, if even then.  And some left for the office with just a cup of coffee with maybe some half and half in it.  Some of the group chose to eat eggs and toast with a little butter.  Or there were those that like a bagel with a smear of cream cheese.  I wanted to give you examples of what they ate at breakfast. 

For snacks some eat apples, or a handful of raisins, or  baby carrot sticks, or a few nuts.  Sometimes a little dark chocolate.  Sometimes hard pretzels or cheezits.  If they do have a treat, they never gorge on anything, one or two is enough.  Some of them don't snack at all.

Some don't eat much lunch, yet again, some eat a great big lunch.  For the most part, a sandwich, wraps, salads and things like that.  

So I don't know that it is so much what they eat or don't eat.  This is important...they generally do drink a lot.  Either coffee, green, herbal or black tea with sweetener or not.  They sometimes drink milk, beer, orange juice and a lot of water.  But I noticed that not very many drink soft drinks.  I was surprised at that. If they drink juices, they dilute them. Most tried to totally avoid high fructose corn syrup.


They all did some form of exercise, bicycling, etc...  They generally said to find some way to be active that you really enjoy.  They enjoy their food, they seem to enjoy life.  They don't have a lot of guilt if they do have the occaisional treat.  And they don't overindulge too much.  Maybe only on holidays.

Overweight people seem to carry a lot of guilt.  We can learn from skinny folks.  Here is the link below (in the next post) if you want to see what 70 skinny people do on a regular basis.  I'll keep everyone posted if all this really works in real life for someone who is overweight... 

SEEMS TO BE WORKING ALREADY??  We'll post everyday.  I just started so keep checking back. I weighed myself yesterday and I weighed 200 lbs.  This morning, my weight is 197.8.  Wow.  Yesterday, I tried to incorporated a lot of the things I talked about above.  I drank coffee, 2 cups, I made tea and drank a big cup.  I drank water.  I made a steak salad for lunch, with homeade dressing made with olive oil.  But I didn't over eat.  I also had a treat today and a small bowl of veggie soup tonight.  And, I did some form of exercise.  I can't walk a lot right now, because we have a deep snow outside, so I did a lot of house cleaning, bending, vacuuming and stuff.  Just some sort of physical activity.  I am not going to freak if my weight is not down in the morning, but I am going to keep this up.  I think I am on to something. I will be doing some walking as soon as I can get outside.

If you have read this far, here is the link to the site where the 70 skinnys tell what they do.   


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